Jutta Kleinert

Klopstockstraße 6/11
80804 München
Phone +49 (0)89 16 40 20
Fax +49 (0)89 16 40 62

UST-IdNr. DE 129797887

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Don’t search – just find!

Our service helps you to locate the right illustration for every purpose – free of charge of course.

In our stock library you will find illustrations and artwork in every style and for every subject.
We are happy to supply a choice of images according to your needs and your imagination. With this we offer expert advice and price calculation for free. Most illustrations can be modified by the artists if requested – fast and with little extra charge.

Since 1989 dieKLEINERT acts as an agent for first class illustrators, providing her clients with every kind of style or technique on international standards. We are a competent, reliable and straightforward agency.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Dear illustrators,

Germany’s largest stock library for illustrations is always looking for new pictures, artwork and animations from professional artists.

Make sure not to miss these benefits:
  • Extra income with your free of use illustrations and animations. Our services for you are free of charge. You only pay a percentage when your work is sold.
  • You may still market your artwork by your own and remain autonomous.
  • dieKLEINERT offers you a large network of partner agencies – all of them operating internationally.
  • Your personal user name and password allow you to post your artwork and illustrations on our online-platform at any time and with no limitations. You can also send us your work on a CD or DVD. The technical specifications are: 300dpi, JPG or minimum 2.000 pixel (vignettes), RGB colours. To guarantee you the best digital marketing possible, we employ a professional team that is working exclusively for our indexing. Our online image database will grow continuously.
  • Our experience is working for you – since 1989. Professional, reliable, straightforward and user friendly. has created itself a good name in the business.
  • Are you interested in collaboration? Do you want to create more profit out of your work? Just send us an e-mail with the keyword “Bildarchiv” and attach a representative portfolio of your artwork. Please use only files in low definition. We are looking forward to hear from you.
Thank you for your application!

We would like to market your free of use artwork in our stock library for illustrations –
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